All About the 626 Area Code: Time Zone and Location Map

626 Area Code: If you’re looking to dial up some folks in Pasadena, El Monte, West Covina, Alhambra, Baldwin Park, Arcadia, Rosemead, Glendora, Hacienda Heights, or any of the other nearby cities in California, you’ll need to use area code 626. This code was established on January 2, 1997, when it was split off from area code 818. It officially went into service on June 14, 1997.

626 Area Code

Los Angeles County is the primary county being served by the 626 area code. The cities within this county that fall under the 626 area code include:

Los Angeles County

The 626 area code serves a number of cities in Los Angeles County, including Altadena, Arcadia, Azusa, Baldwin Park, City of Industry, Covina, Duarte, El Monte, Glendora, Hacienda Heights, La Puente, Monrovia, Monterey Park, Mount Wilson, Pasadena, Rosemead, Rowland Heights, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, South El Monte, South Pasadena, Temple City, and West Covina.

Time Zone for 626 Area Code

The 626 area code falls under the Pacific time zone, also known as PST, which corresponds to the America/Los Angeles time zone. The standard time in this zone is UTC/GMT -8:00 hours, while during daylight saving time, it is +1:00 hour.

Telephone Companies Operating within the 626 Area Code

Looking to snag a wireless phone in the 626 area code? You’ve got some solid options when it comes to carriers. Cingular Wireless, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, USA Mobility Wireless, American Messaging Services, T-mobile USA, The Telephone Connection of Los Angeles, 33 Wireless, Pac – West Telecomm, American Messaging (am), Shelcomm, and Broadwing Comms are all popular choices.

There are a variety of popular carriers available for landline services, including Pacific Bell, Pac – West Telecomm, Level 3 Communications, U.S. Telepacific Corp, Teleport Comms Group – Los Angeles, MPower, Verizon California, 01 Comms, Xo Comms, Broadwing Comms, Global Crossing Local Services, AT&T Local, Centurylink Comm, Allegiance Telecom, Paetec Comms, MCI Worldcom Comms, North County Comms Corp, Telscape Comms, Citrix Comms,, Charter Fiberlink Ca, TW Telecom, Telcentris, Telekenex, Peerless Network, and Ymax Comms Corp.

Can the location of the 626 area code change?

The telephone prefix 626 is always associated with a location in California, so you can be sure that any phone number with this area code is located there. While modern mobile phones typically display the location of incoming calls, older models may not have this feature. If you need to call or receive a call from a phone with a 626 area code, you can be confident that it is located in California.

How to make an international call to a phone with the area code 626?

If you’re trying to call a phone number in the 626 area code from abroad, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, you’ll need to dial the international prefix for the United States, which is +1. Then, you’ll need to enter the 626 area code, followed by the local phone number you want to reach.

So, the full sequence would be: +1 626 [Phone number]. Keep in mind that calling from one country to another will generally be more expensive than calling within the same country. The exact cost of the call will depend on the telephone company you use to make the call.

Location Map of area code 626

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