305 Area Code-Florida-Details, Location Map, Cities, Time Zone

305  area code for various locations in Florida, including Miami, Hialeah, and Miami Beach. This particular area code has been in use since January 1st, 1947, making it the oldest Numbering Plan Area in the 305/786 overlay complex. It’s worth noting that overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area, so 305 and 786 are essentially interchangeable.

305 Area Code-Florida

Where is 305 area code in USA?

If you’re looking to dial a number in Florida or receive a call from that region, keep an eye out for the 305 area code. This code is specific to the state and indicates that the number you’re calling or receiving a call from is located in Florida. So, if you see a number with the 305 prefix, you’ll know it’s from the Sunshine State!

305 Area Code Origin

Back in January of 1940, the Bell System and AT&T telephone companies created one of the first area codes in the North American Numbering Plan – the 305 area code. At that time, it covered the entire state of Florida. However, as the state grew and expanded, it was divided into smaller sections and additional area codes were added. With the rise of pagers and cell phones in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the demand for phone numbers in south Florida skyrocketed, nearly depleting the 305 area code.

How to call from abroad to a phone located with area code 305?

If you’re trying to call a phone number in the 305 area code from outside the United States, you’ll need to follow a specific dialing pattern. First, you’ll need to dial the international prefix for the United States, which is +1. Then, you’ll need to enter the 305 area code, followed by the local phone number you want to reach. So, the complete sequence would be: +1 305 [Phone number].

It’s important to keep in mind that making calls from one country to another can be more expensive than making calls within the same country. So, if you’re calling a 305 area code number from outside the USA, you may incur additional charges. The exact cost of the call will depend on the telephone company you’re using to make the call.

Map of 305 area code

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305 phone number location

NPANXX Area served Date
305-200 Miami N/A
305-201 Miami N/A
305-202 Miami 11/21/2006
305-203 Keys 8/13/2012
305-204 Keys 9/4/2014
305-205 Miami N/A
305-206 North Dade N/A
305-207 Miami N/A
305-208 Miami N/A
305-209 Keys 5/31/2012
305-210 Miami N/A
305-212 Miami N/A
305-213 Miami N/A
305-214 Miami N/A
305-215 Miami N/A
305-216 Miami N/A
305-217 Miami N/A
305-218 North Dade N/A
305-219 Miami N/A
305-220 Miami N/A
305-221 Miami N/A
305-222 Miami N/A
305-223 Miami N/A
305-224 Homestead N/A
305-225 Miami N/A
305-226 Miami N/A
305-227 Miami N/A
305-228 Miami N/A
305-229 Miami N/A
305-230 Homestead N/A
305-231 Miami N/A
305-232 Perrine N/A
305-233 Perrine N/A
305-234 Perrine N/A
305-235 Perrine N/A
305-236 Keys N/A
305-237 Miami N/A
305-238 Perrine N/A
305-239 Keys 7/31/2013
305-240 Keys N/A
305-241 Miami N/A
305-242 Homestead N/A
305-243 Miami N/A
305-244 Miami N/A
305-245 Homestead N/A
305-246 Homestead N/A
305-247 Homestead N/A
305-248 Homestead N/A
305-249 North Dade N/A
305-250 Miami N/A
305-251 Perrine N/A
305-252 Perrine N/A
305-253 Perrine N/A
305-254 Perrine N/A
305-255 Perrine N/A
305-256 Perrine N/A
305-257 Homestead N/A
305-258 Homestead N/A
305-259 Perrine N/A
305-260 Miami N/A
305-261 Miami N/A
305-262 Miami N/A
305-263 Miami N/A
305-264 Miami N/A
305-265 Miami N/A
305-266 Miami N/A
305-267 Miami N/A
305-268 Miami N/A
305-269 Miami N/A
305-270 Miami N/A
305-271 Miami N/A
305-272 Miami N/A
305-273 Miami N/A
305-274 Miami N/A
305-275 Miami N/A
305-276 Miami N/A
305-277 Miami N/A
305-278 Perrine N/A
305-279 Miami N/A
305-280 Keys N/A
305-281 Perrine N/A
305-282 Perrine N/A
305-283 Perrine N/A
305-284 Miami N/A
305-285 Miami N/A
305-286 Miami N/A
305-287 Miami N/A
305-288 Miami N/A
305-289 Keys N/A
305-290 Keys 5/10/2011
305-291 Miami N/A
305-292 Keys N/A
305-293 Keys N/A
305-294 Keys N/A
305-295 Keys N/A
305-296 Keys N/A
305-297 Miami N/A
305-298 Miami N/A
305-299 Miami N/A

Cities in area code 305

City County Time
Aventura Miami-Dade E
Big Pine Key Monroe E
Carol City Miami-Dade E
Coral Gables Miami-Dade E
Coral Terrace Miami-Dade E
Country Club Miami-Dade E
Cutler Ridge Miami-Dade E
Doral Miami-Dade E
Golden Glades Miami-Dade E
Hialeah Miami-Dade E
Homestead Miami-Dade E
Islamorada Monroe E
Kendale Lakes Miami-Dade E
Kendall Miami-Dade E
Key Biscayne Miami-Dade E
Key Colony Beach Monroe E
Key Largo Monroe E
Key West Monroe E
Leisure City Miami-Dade E
Long Key Monroe E
Marathon Monroe E
Marathon Shores Monroe E
Miami Miami-Dade E
Miami Beach Miami-Dade E
Miami Lakes Miami-Dade E
Norland Miami-Dade E
North Miami Beach Miami-Dade E
Opa-locka Miami-Dade E
Richmond Miami-Dade E
Richmond Heights Miami-Dade E
South Miami Heights Miami-Dade E
Summerland Key Monroe E
Tamiami Miami-Dade E
Tavernier Monroe E
West Little River Miami-Dade E
Westchester Miami-Dade E

The area code 305 covers a wide range of locations, including many major cities. In cases where there are multiple places with the same name within a state or province, we only list the largest one. Any cities with a population over 50,000 are highlighted in bold text. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the letter “E” in this context stands for the Eastern Time Zone.

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