284 Area Code-British Virgin Islands-Location Map, Cities, Toll Free

The 284 area code belongs to the British Virgin Islands and covers popular locations like Tortola, Road Town, and Virgin Gorda. This code has been active since October 01, 1997.

284 Area Code-British Virgin Islands

Where does 284 area code originate from and what is its location?

If you’re looking to make a call to the British Virgin Islands, you’ll need to use the local telephone area code 284. This code was created in 1997 when the original area code 809 was split, and it also introduced permissive dialing. When you’re within the British Virgin Islands, you only need to dial the 7-digit number to make a call.

However, if you’re calling from outside the state, you’ll need to prefix the number with 1-284-xxxxxxx. The area code 284 is located in the Atlantic Daylight Time Zone (ADT) and serves a number of communities, including Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola (Road Town), Virgin Gord, and other smaller areas throughout the state.

Is the area code 284 considered toll-free?

Toll free numbers have a unique number sequence, but unfortunately, area code 284 is not one of them. When using area code 284, charges apply to every call, and the amount varies depending on the location. International calls tend to be more costly than local ones. To learn more about this, you can reach out to your telecommunications provider.

Does the 284 area code remain consistent?

Yes, the phone prefix +351 284 comes from Portugal and is associated with the areas mentioned earlier. Therefore, if you receive or need to make a call to a phone with this area code, you can confidently say that it belongs to Portugal.

What is the process for dialing a Canadian phone with the 284 area code from abroad?

If you’re trying to reach someone in Portugal from abroad and they have a 284 area code, you’ll need to dial a few extra digits. First, you’ll need to enter Canada’s international prefix (+351), followed by the 284 area code, and then the local phone number you’re trying to reach. So, the full number would look something like this: +351 284 [Phone number].

It’s worth noting that calling internationally can be more expensive than making local calls, so keep that in mind when you’re dialing. The exact cost of the call will depend on the phone company you’re using to make the call.

Map of area code 284

Cities within the 284 Area Code

City County Time
Anegada AST
Cooper Island AST
Great Camanoe Island AST
Jost Van Dyke AST
Road Town Tortola AST
Spanish Town Virgin Gorda AST
The Settlement Anegada AST
Tortola AST
Virgin Gorda AST
Yachts AST

Here are the locations covered by area code 284. We’ve only listed the largest place when multiple locations in a state or province share the same name. Bold text indicates cities with a population over 50,000. The time zone for this area code is AST, which stands for Atlantic Standard Time.

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